I noticed that one of the sparks was moving, flaring bright then going to the next person around the fire ring. A sweet pain stabbed my gut. I watched as it went to Cody, who took a drag and passed it to Johnny. Who took a long puff, then held it out to me.
     I guess I knew before I went out there this was gonna happen. I guess I wanted it to happen. I never had smoked pot before, and with all the talk about it around school these days, I wondered what it was like. When Johnny held out the joint, I took it and took a puff. The smoke was harsh and hot, I couldn't help coughing. Glancing around to see who might be laughing - nobody was even paying any attention - I passed it on to Con Wagner.
     The joint made a second pass around the fire. This time I managed to hold the smoke in without coughing, finally letting it out with a whoosh and gratefully draining the last of my beer to soothe my burning throat. Like magic another beer appeared in my hand. The joint made a third pass, then a fourth. I took hits each time, holding them in as long as I could. I felt a buzz from the beer, but...
     But from the pot I felt nothing at all.